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“G.U.E.S.T. is the internationally acknowledged training program designed to cultivate and promote Excellence of Service in Luxury Hospitality Industries.

The mission of the GUEST program is to provide assured standards of exceptional quality training in luxury hospitality services worldwide, meeting both maritime regulatory requirements and being fully recognised in related industries ashore.

The accredited GUEST training offers on-going support and is instrumental in creating confident, highly effective and fully engaged professionals, resulting in increased job satisfaction for individuals and reduction in costs and risks to employers, benefiting from a higher return of investment in their staff.”

What is the GUEST Program?

The GUEST Program is the 7 star standard of training required as the minimum level for those working in the interior department of a Super Yacht.

The GUEST Program (Guidelines for Unification of Excellence in Service Training) was started by the Professional Yachting Association back in 2010 after consultation with many of the industries’ major players as a way to elevate the level of professionalism in the industry, establish a clear career path for interior crew and to raise the standards of training in order that the level of service being provided by interior crew would match the expectation of the guest.

Who is involved?

This standard has been endorsed by SYBAss (Superyacht Builders Association), MYBA (The Worldwide Yachting Association), the ISS (International Superyacht Society) and IAMI (The International Association of Maritime Institutions ), with support from MCA (Maritime Coastguard Agency) as well as the PYA (Professional Yachting Association) who are the organisation supporting the implementation of GUEST.

Why do we need GUEST?

The yachts being built are of the highest quality and growing in size and stature each year. The industry is growing rapidly, with millions of dollars being invested into new technology, new systems and the highest quality finishing’s. The clients of the yachting industry are expecting the very best of the best which is provided by the yacht builders and the expectations continue through to their use and enjoyment of the finished yacht. As interior crew, we are the closest to the guest and paramount to providing them with the hospitality services they desire.  Providing a level of professionalism requires training and if the training is professional, recognisable and has a structure that can be followed, the training will lead to higher levels of service and hospitality.

Following the GUEST Program

As an entry level Steward or Stewardess this is very simple to do. On completion of the three Introduction Level training courses Accredited by the GUEST Program you will be able you to apply for your Certificate of Competence (CoC) as a Yacht Junior Steward or Stewardess.  For Stewards or Stewardesses already with experience and training it is possible to obtain a Certificate of Competence by registering as a full PYA member and applying through the Letter of Assessment route, leading to the CoC for the level you are at and then continue with GUEST Accredited training courses to further your career development. You can complete any of the GUEST modules at any time, as long as you meet the prerequisite requirements.

Previous work experience and training by non-accredited training companies can be assessed for your CoC if verifiable.

Go to for the full development route.

Becoming a PYA Member

In order to follow the GUEST Program at a senior level you need to have your Sea Service Verified. You can either apply for a Full Membership or gain verification for each testimonial as a non-member.

If you wish to become a PYA Associate Member at junior level, the fee is €50 for a GUEST entry level Graduate and provides you with a Crew Work Book and a Training Record Book (TRB).

Full Membership is €175 per annum and provides you with an MCA-Approved Service Record Book, a Training Record Book (TRB), Sea Service Testimonial Verification Service and a Yacht Rating Certificate (if requested).

Go to for full details of their memberships and the benefits.

What are the advantages to you as a Steward or Stewardess

With Accredited training you know that you have value for your training investment and that the training you are receiving has been carefully thought through, planned and is relevant to what you will need in the workplace.  Your own standards of work will be raised, meaning that whatever you do will be seen to be more professional thus providing a higher level of satisfaction from your owners, guests and your Captain.

In turn this will mean that it is easier for them to recommend you as a competent and professional crew member.  That coupled with the fact that you have invested in your own training shows potential employers that you are dedicated to what you are doing and will already have the high standards they are looking for.  Crew agencies will see that you have invested in your own training which in turn makes it easier for them to recommend you.

As you progress through your career, the GUEST Program provides a structure with quantifiable training steps that will increase your skill set for planning and organisation as well as lead you into the management of people, processes and projects.  These skills can be transferred to almost any industry, so you not only invest in your career on yachts but in your long term future.

Be the best you can be with us.