Course offered by The Galley Club

2 Week Course

by Katy Rosales



This highly practical programme is recommended to entry level yacht cooks or interior crew looking to diversify.
The unique design of the course covers a wide range of cooking skills at the same time as learning how to cope with the daily routine on board a boat.

What the course covers

The course will include:
– 1 day tour of santa catalina markets, Olivar, asian market and big storage.
– 1 day classroom theory
– 8 days practical training time in a working kitchen, cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
The first week concentrates on developing classic, modern and international menus which cover a broad range of cooking techniques, by which time students will have the confidence to follow recipes, and prepare meals in real time.
The second week will concentrate on advancing to a more elaborate and fine cuisine, such that would be expected by both guests and owners of yachts alike.

  • Duration

    2 Weeks

  • Location
    The Galley Club, C/ Cotoner 21
    Santa Catalina
    07013, Palma de Mallorca
  • Price

    1650 €

COURSES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Pay 30% of the value to book the course.  You will not get your deposit back if you cancel 5 days before the course start date.

Yacht Cookery Course

The Galley Club - Yacht Cookery

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