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This course provides you with understanding and skills required to provide professional valeting with the ability to manage an extensive wardrobe, handle designer clothing, how to spot clean, refresh and make minor repairs as well as arranging and present clothing in wardrobes and drawers. In addition you will learn how to manage hats, wigs, hairpieces, shoes, packing suitcases, personal grooming services as well as a full understanding of formal attire.

What the course covers

The Valet

  • Duties and the relationship with the employer/guest
  • The importance of discretion and confidentiality
  • Personal presentation

The Dressing Room

  • How to arrange and present clothing and personal items
  • How to fold, hang and store items
  • Luggage storage

The Clothing

  • How to press
  • How to refresh
  • How to spot clean
  • How to starch
  • How to make minor repairs
  • How to care for specialist fabrics including furs and leather
  • Understanding formal wear

The Accessories

  • How to clean and care for shoes
  • How to care and store handbags
  • How to manage jewellry
  • How to hang ties, belts, hats and scarves
  • How to care for hats and wigs
  • How to tie a gentleman’s tie/bowtie
  • How to prepare a gentleman’s grooming kit

The Suitcase

  • How to unpack and arrange
  • How to pack successfully and with added value
  • Duration

    2 Days

  • Location
    Carrer Federico García Lorca, 6,
    07014 Palma De Mallorca,
    Illes Balears
  • Price

    495 €

50% payment is required in advance. There will be no refunds for no-shows or cancellation within 3 days of the course date.

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Valet Services & Wardrobe Management

PYA GUEST Advanced Valet Services Module – Unit 09


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