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A trainer with 17 years experience on yachts


A fun day of ideas for table decorating to impress your guests. Awaken your creative side and be able to come up with decorative ways to use some of the simplest things.

What the workshop covers

The workshop is split into three main sections:

  • Nautical and Beach Themes
  • Using Nature and Keeping it Simple
  • Evening Elegance

Each section will have multiple possible variations and you are expected to participate in the table setting.  This will give you some great ideas and open your creative side to looking at things in a new way or “can I put it on the table”?

Full of inspiration and fun, with a practical side in helping you think ahead for things you may need to have tucked away for just that occasion.

  • Duration

    6 Hours

  • Location
    Carrer Federico García Lorca, 6,
    07014 Palma De Mallorca,
    Illes Balears
  • Price

    175 €

50% payment is required in advance. There will be no refunds for no-shows or cancellation within 3 days of the course date.

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Table Decorating Workshop


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