Course offered by The Galley Club

6 Day Course

by Katy Rosales



Dedicated to confirmed and practicing Chefs who want to complement their know-how, this intensive advanced skills program provides the highest standards expected by top international establishments and yachts.

Acquire the highest level of expertise for every specialty in the professional kitchen, with Katy Rosales of The Galley Club. You will learn from cold kitchen preparations to advanced culinary techniques applied to different concepts.
Small group settings provide personalised, interactive and efficient training.

What the course covers

For the duration of the week’s course, the following areas will be covered:
-Review main basics of cuisine
– Explore the various possibilities and implementation of the sous-vide method
-Prepare a wide range of produce with sous-vide technique (Vegetables, meat, poultry and fish)
-Cook broths, jus and other bases such as soup or specific fillings
-Prepare a large range of sauces and condiments
– Realisation of complete dishes using seasonal sea and river (or salt and freshwater) fish and shellfish.
– Master the preparation and cooking of vegetables: turning, blanching, simmering…
-Recognise and reinterprete (interpret) French Cuisine Classics
-Realisation of desserts on the plate sourced, prepared and cooked valuing the seasonality of produce.
– Master the various possibilities of plating in coherence with your menu plans

  • Duration

    6 Days

  • Location

    The Galley Club, C/ Cotoner 21, Santa Catalina, 07013, Palma de Mallorca

  • Price

    1500 €

COURSES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Pay 30% of the value to book the course.  You will not get your deposit back if you cancel 5 days before the course start date.

Advance Yacht Cookery Course Sous Vide & Art of Plating

The Galley Club - Advanced Yacht Cookery Course

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