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The GUEST Advanced Bartending & Mixology Module takes an in-depth look at the core Spirits (Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Whisk(e)y & Cognac) used in Cocktail making as well as the practical element of learning to make Cocktails with speed & efficiency. We also cover which tools to use; understanding recipes; the importance of a balanced drink; creating new combinations & adaptations; how to conduct a tasting; the ability to draw up your own menu as well as understanding the concept of Mixology.

Some formal & accredited Intermediate training (e.g. GUEST Bartending & Mixology Advanced Module 1) is required in order to participate in this course.

10% Discount if the Advanced Modules I & II are booked together.

What the course covers

Advanced Knowledge and Practical in:

  • Core Spirits
  • Bartending Tools
  • Concept of Mixology
  • Recipes
  • Balance in Cocktail Making
  • 16 Different Classical and Variations of Cocktails
  • Creating New Combinations
  • Cocktail Menu Making
  • Conducting a Tasting

  • Duration

    2 DAYS

  • Location

    This course is held in Palma

  • Price

    £ 650.00

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Advanced Bartending & Mixology Module 2

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