On Board Training

VIP Service School can offer on board training & customised courses for your interior crew at any location.

Practical & Realistic

Hands on training, current for today’s needs & giving you a solid foundation of skills & professionalism for the future.


17 years of experience within the yachting industry and a full understanding of training needs for all types of yachts.


Yacht Interior Training for Professional Crew

Our Mission

VIP Service School is Mallorca’s first officially accredited organisation to be able to offer the GUEST Program courses and is the only “Accredited” training school for interior crew in Palma.

We offer training courses for interior yacht crew who wish to make a start in the yachting industry or to advance their career as a Steward or Stewardess and to individuals who wish to work in private villas here in Mallorca.  It is our promise to our students that we will provide the best possible courses on the subject being taught, by trainers who are experienced and knowledgeable on the subject matter and to provide course choices at affordable rates.

Our courses are designed to give you practical, hands on and realistic training, set in a location which is conducive to the learning experience and as close to the real working environment as possible.  The courses are reviewed on an ongoing basis and are current for today’s needs, giving you a solid foundation of skills and professionalism for the future.

First class training produces first class service.

Structured so that you can fit training into your schedule and grow with your experience. We are hoping to offer more and more specialised courses as we develop and as demand increases.

Mallorca plays a very strong and long standing part in Europe’s yachting industry with a wealth of knowledge and experience available. VIP Service School is here to share some of that knowledge with you.

Our courses take place in the centre of Palma located close to Santa Catalina, which is in the heart of Palma’s yachting community and easily accessible from all the marinas.

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.


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